Our craft events and workshops invite you to wake up to your Lightside in a safe space.

Is it really possible that rediscovering your Lightside can lead to higher levels of creativity, innovation and productivity; to enhanced presence, better listening, and more connected conversations and relationships; and to greater self-acceptance and resiliency in the face of stress and overwhelm? Yes…. And…. we can show you how.


Improv Pop-ups For Hard-working People

We deliver one hour to one day out-of-your-chair, out-of-your head workshops in spaces where busy parents and professionals naturally gather like co-working offices, theaters, retreat sites, camps, and churches. We also embed our workshops into larger personal or professional development initiatives run by third parties as complimentary content. Our sessions nurture improv skills such as letting go of shadow story, holding your inner blocker at bay, accessing your spontaneity, and being present. We also reveal aspects of the improviser’s mindset like making brave choices, grabbing your gusto, the ensemble, the willingness to change, vulnerability and good faith failure, and the power of intuition.

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Powerful Professional Development

A growing number of intelligent companies are piercing through the work-play divide. These brands see the return on levity in their employee's engagement, innovation, and productivity.

Invest in your team’s cohesion and development by adding the unexpected to your conference room or offsite – an improv-based, highly interactive experiential learning workshop. We collaborate with clients to tailor games and outcomes towards improving presentation skills, executive presence, and authenticity, creating a sense of ensemble vs. individualism on teams, deeper listening, increased spontaneity and productivity.

Join the growing number of nonprofits and companies, including these great brands, working with the Collective to deliver powerful personal and professional development content to their staff or communities.

Delivering Levity to Broader Audiences

Lightside Collective produces shows such as SpeechlessLive@Austin and creates or shares content or concepts designed to expose new audiences to the magic and delight of improvisation.

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Hire Entertainers Who Can Ad Lib

We can match you with improv-trained performers who can lighten up your event as emcees, table or station hosts, unexpected characters mingling with the crowd, or even actors in role-playing training vignettes that require some improvisation. Because of their training, these performers are poised yet natural in situations where there is no clear script (or where trying to stay on one would just be stale) by reading a room and reacting to and incorporating from the crowd.

We can also work with you to design employee engagement initiatives specific to your company and context and to staff them with improvisers.